Our final day in the studio. After burning the midnight oil the night before, I woke surprisingly spunky and ready to work. I really love being in a studio. The energy, the positive vibes, the encouragement, everything about it is just totally infectious. For the final day this was pretty much vocals and finishing doing some overdubs. Honestly, at this point it was starting to become a blur. Did we do that solo yet? Did we do that harmony yet? We added some 2nd guitars to a few songs to fill them out but mostly what I was extremely proud of was my vocal performances this day. Not to sound arrogant or anything but this is a huge thing for me to say. For so many years I never thought much of myself at a vocalist and even after all these years of recording album after album I never found myself able to actually sit down and listen to myself. When we played back the tracks that we had I was overcome with a sense of pride. The music sounded inspired and alive. There was so much feel, groove, and breathing in the songs and when I heard my vocals, I didn’t hear a shy, overly self-conscious person. I heard a confident, articulate, and even at times on pitch vocalist (haha) that I I thought, “Hey! I’d actually listen to this.”

So where are we now? Well, we are nearly done. At this point it’s kind of like a piece of art in that we have the line drawings and we’ve started to fill them in but we still have a bit of coloring to go. All I know is that as of now, as a band, we have listened to these tracks and we are so, so proud of what we accomplished. Being in the studio with these two people was an experience that I will never forget and one that I will always cherish. I’m already looking forward to doing it again for a next album but I with this one, we’re not out of the tunnel yet. We do see the light. but hopefully the light is the end and not a fucking train.