Day 2 in the studio was a real doozie.  After a great start on Friday, I headed home and I couldn’t fucking wait to get back into the studio.  I could already feel the magic brewing and to know that we were going to have another 10 hours together just made me giddy like a kid!  I rolled up to the studio at noon with a dozen donuts and Mike and Allison were already there all set up and revved to go.  We jumped right into recording and the next thing I knew we had cut so many songs I began to lose track.  We cut “Ghost Town”, we did “I Drive”, we did “Lying In Our Bed” and a few others.  I don’t want to give them all away but we were definitely making magic.

Tim (our amazing engineer/producer) really did an amazing job connecting with us and our music.  He made us all so comfortable and I was so excited and somewhat surprised to see just how easily we all settled into this element.  We threw ourselves into the songs and to see Mike and Allison so connected and so dedicated to these songs made fill up with joy and pride.  When I think about where these songs come from it just blew my mind to see how far they have come.  We were so in the moment that at times I completely forgot that we were in the studio.  We cut up, we got serious, we laughed, and we laughed harder.  There were never any harsh words, no bickering, and no frustration.  Being in the studio with a band is definitely an exercise in patience and really shows you just how tight of band you are and I can tell you now.  It’s like what Bob Weir said about the Grateful Dead.  They say that blood is thicker than water, and what we had was thicker than blood.  This is exactly how I felt about this.

We took a two-hour dinner break and then regrouped at 7pm and played back all the songs we had recorded.  It blew my mind to hear how fucking amazing we sounded.  I had never heard any music I had ever recorded sound this great and I almost started crying.  It was such a warming experience and we all agreed that our drums were done and captured. There was really nothing for Allison and Mike to do so we sent them home for the evening and Tim and I hunkered down and I began cutting my vocals.  Tim has what we lovingly refer to as “the three rule” where he had me cut three takes of each vocal and then pulled the best parts of each take to create one song.  Man, call it cheating or whatever but it was fucking amazing.  I cut lead guitar solos for “Ghost Town” and for “Lying in Our Bed” and before I knew it, it was midnight and Tim pretty much had to kick me out!  “Go home and get some rest, Don.  We’ll regroup tomorrow!”

I made my way home, showered, and was in bed by 1am.  I was exhausted both physically and mentally but elated.  It was all in a day’s work and I already couldn’t wait to get back.  What an amazing connection with my bandmates.  If I loved them before, REALLY loved them after all this.  This experience was bringing us not just closer to each other but closer to the songs.  With each take, I felt like we became more and more connected with every note, every chord, and every lyric.  I can only find one word to describe it and that word is “magic.”  I laid in bed and all I could do was hear the endless takes of vocals and guitar solos that I had been running through for five hours until I fell off to sleep with a huge ass smile on my face.

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