Hey all!  July/August was a really exciting time for Collins Drive.  At the end of July we opened up for Rusted Root singer Michael Glabicki at City Winery in Atlanta.  It was a really amazing experience to get to open up for such an icon of the Jam Band scene.  We played a really fun stripped down acoustic set and the audience really dug us.  We met some really kind people after the show and we even had Mike himself tell us how much he enjoyed our set.

Then, a few days later on August 1st we played as part of Kevn Kinney’s Rocket Shop show, again, at City Winery.  This was such an exciting show for us and getting personally picked to play by Kevn himself was such an amazing feeling.  You can read all about the shows here: https://donsgigjournal.wordpress.com/

We don’t have any gigs until October so for now it’s practice practice practice!  We have a couple of new songs that we may have ready to play but if you wanna hear them you’ll have to come out and hear them!  We will be playing on October 14th at Moonshadow Tavern and on October 27th at Red Light Cafe with our good friends, The Brookeses.  It’s going to be a fun time for sure!