Photo by Alexandra Scuffle

Hey kids! Sorry for the lack of updates here but hey, sometimes I see something shiny and I totally forget that we even have a site. Forgive me for that but thank you to everyone who messaged me saying, “Hey Don! Why hasn’t the Collins Drive site been updated in a while?” Well, here I am and here are some updates.

Our album was released on May 20th and we followed that up with with an out of this world CD Release Show at our homebase, Red Light Cafe. We had an amazing time, the crowd was the best we’ve had yet, and we debuted a new song called “Lady of the Lake.” We really had an amazing time and we thank you all for coming out.

The album is available at our bandcamp site ( and is also available on iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play Music, Spotify, and all those other online places. If you had a hard time finding it, you’re not looking hard enough.

So what’s next?  Well, we are working our asses off to get some more shows to play and we hopefully will maybe even make some festival appearances in 2018.  If there’s a festival you’d like to see us at please let us know and point us in the direction of the festival and we’ll do what we can!