Don’t you feel it growing, day by day
People getting ready for the news
Some are happy, some are sad
Oh, we got to let the music play
What the people need
Is a way to make ’em smile
It ain’t so hard to do if you know how
Gotta get a message
Get it on through.
– The Doobie Brothers “Listen to the Music”

Folks, I just want to remind you all that if you’re on “this” side of the fence, I know you are feeling the blues.  Don’t let it get you down though because guess what?  We
still live in America!  The land of the free.  We have our voices so now we just need to stand up, be counted, and use our voices a bit louder.  With that being said, continue to live, support the causes dear to your heart, and do what we, Collins Drive do: listen to the music.  Well, we make the music and we hope that you all will listen to it and find some escape, some happiness, and just for a moment forget about the world outside long enough to experience just a bit of peace.

Collins Drive is heading into the studio to record our debut full length album which will called They Don’t Make ‘Em Like They Used To in February and we are gunning for a May release date.  We will also, for the first time, have hard copy CDs available to the fans and we are very excited about it.  I will also be blogging about the whole process so that you all can follow us on the journey of recording.  It’s going to be an exciting experience for us all as a band collectively and individually and I couldn’t be more excited.

Before we hibernate in the studio to record our album, we do have a show coming up.  We will be playing at our home base, Red Light Cafe on Thursday, February 2nd.  We will joined once again buy duo Alex and Todd.   You can pick up advance tickets by going to

Hope to see y’all at the show and until then, be good to yourselves and each other!