This Town of Mine has finally arrived!  Here's Don unboxing the first run of CDs:   The album is available for pre-order here:

“This Town of Mine” is Near Completion!

We have been some busy little boogers in the studio, lemme tell y'all that much.  I know we've been quiet but that's because we had some really exciting things in the works.  You know how it is, if you talk too much before shit actually happens then it all...

Collins Drive Featured in No Depression!

It's such a huge honor to be recognized for your art.  Any artist/musician/writer knows this.  After playing americana roots based music for over 20 years, to have my band Collins Drive featured in the biggest ...

In The Studio Making Record #2

That's right folks!  Collins Drive is in the studio making our 2nd album and once again we are at Electron Gardens Studios  and we are having a great time once again.  Wanna keep up w/ the progress?  Follow us on the Studio Blog:

Hibernating and Hard at Work

Hope you all are well.  Lots of people have been asking about what's been up with Collins Drive.  We have been hibernating at Casa De Caca (aka. our rehearsal space) working hard on the songs that will appear o...